Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pink Elephant On Parade!

I took this cloud shot near sunset the other evening. It had been raining hard, and we got a brief respite while the sun turned the world into a wonderland. Do you see the pink elephant? Doesn't he look happy to be parading across the evening sky?

Maybe he's happy because he has heard my dad is doing well after the car accident. He is improving some each day. It is still hard for him, as well as my mom and my beautiful sister Leigh with whom they are staying. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for my family. Your support means the world to us!


  1. Oh, Sissy--I DO see that pink elephant! I would sure love to play around with it some! How adorable.

    I add my thanks to yours, to everyone out there who has been so supportive and encouraging during this hard time. Dad gets better every day, but he recovery will be a long LONG road.

  2. Are you sure it's not a pink camel ;) Glad to hear he is making progress. One day at a time I always say!

  3. I see what you mean Lois! It's all in the perspective isn't it? The elephant's trunk is definitely the shape of a camel! Wow! Thank you for finding that!

  4. I'm sorry Clytie, I don't drink so all I can see is the pink camel. tee hee
    So very glad to hear of your parent progress I'm praying for their contiued recovery and your peace of mind. Have a happy day Sis.

  5. As soon as I looked at the photo I saw a pink camel!!

    Glad to hear that your parents are both making a good recovery.

  6. I saw the elephant first, then the camel. Guess those Colorado margaritas haven't worn off yet. What a super cloud!