Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Take a Moment to Shine!

By day, the parrot-shaped ornament is rather dull and boring.
By early morning sunlight, it is transformed into a beacon of beauty.

Let the sun shine on our lives today ... because those around us love to see us all sparklie - no matter how boring we think our lives to be.


  1. Aw...well one of the most sparkly people I know, is you. Your bits of humor, your kind ways, your loyalty and the beauty of your heart. Sparkly!

    Shine on, sweet Sis, shine on!!! ((hugs))

    This photo fills my eyes with sparkles . . .

  2. Well, Sissy--you are one of my Sunflower Friends, you know that, don't you????


  3. Lovely thought to go with a lovely picture!

  4. hello dear Clytie, love your quote here- goes perfectly with how I feel sometimes, the boring life - lol but I'm so thankful and blessed
    for all I many people suffering with terrible cancers and ill health problems.
    Especially blessed with great friendship's -
    especially yours :)
    have a wonderful Friday...see you at the beach :)