Friday, July 31, 2009

Shattered Dreams?

Sometimes I feel like this ...

Split personality.
Shattered dreams.
Broken promises.

But mostly I don't. :)


  1. “. . . even when the universe made it quite clear to me that I was mistaken in my certainties, in my definitions, I did not break. The shattering of my sureties did not shatter me. Stability comes from inside, not outside....”
    Lucille Clifton ............“But some emotions don't make a lot of noise. It's hard to hear pride. Caring is real faint - like a heartbeat. And pure love - why, some days it's so quiet, you don't even know it's there.”.............“To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not.”
    Akhenaton ...................“Take care, don't fight, and remember: if you do not choose to lead, you will forever be led by others. Find what scares you, and do it. And you can make a difference, if you choose to do so.”
    J. Michael Straczynski..............“At the age of 20, we don't care what the world thinks of us; at 30, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at 40, we discover that it wasn't thinking of us at all.”.........Be pleasant until ten o'clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.”
    Elbert Hubbard

  2. We all have days we feel shattered and broken. These days are meant for reflection (as in your photo) to look back upon, reflect upon, but not live in for too long. We can look at each broken shard and see the damage there, see the sharp edges, and fractures, see the shattered dreams.... yet look at the reflection..... it's you! It's your soul that no one can break that only you have and can choose to reflect to others, or sit and review in private. To me, you reflect such LOVE, such HEART, such TENDERNESS of soul..... For letting us see these reflections of you, I thank you. May your shattered dreams give way to reflections of HOPE and Love, and many fond and Happy memories..... I wish you Healing today, Healing of fractures and breaks, dreams and sorrows. May this reflections bring you to New Life, New Love, New Dreams, New Hopes.... for a brighter now, a brighter tomorrow. My Heart and Love go out to you and yours always. love and Light, Nina P.

  3. This is what makes life so interesting. We see only the rain and never the benefits. It benefits so much more than individual. I think we all suffer from periods of shattered dreams and wake up to sunshine.

    I just wanted to stop and thank you for your visits to my blogs and for your interesting comments there. And RAW is a data-file and not a normal kind of picture-file. It stores a lot more information than a picture file does and as a result the software makes those things available. It is always worth a try.

  4. I have to say, I LOVE this photo! You take such vibrantly interesting pictures. Gorgeous, dear sissy--YOU are gorgeous. And you look a little dangerous, too! (grin)

  5. Great shot Clytie. I think that we all feel like this sometimes. You have expressed that schizophrenic malaise beautifully.

    I saw your dad below. I'm really hoping that he recovers speedily. It must have been such a shock to learn about the accident.

    Thank you again for commenting on my blog. You, yet again, touched on a photo that no one else did. Eternity was one of my favorites as well. I want to thank you, sincerely, for your insightful comments.

  6. I love this shot...and I'm with you I would like to wake up two days in a row feeling like the same person...I'm a complete psycho girlfriend...thanks for putting up with me, and don't let life push you around...I love ya!

    Boy Clytie that picture of your dad looks painful, but I am soo glad to see he is up and around may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  7. I see you looking back ?
    That is Clytie's reflection.

  8. Oh rats. I just wrote a comment and don't know where it went! But mainly it said that I think we're all made up of pieces and parts and shards and who knows what else. And some day's you feel like a crazy quilt which is ok because the pieces are stitched together but other days, youw ake up and its broken-mirror land. Not so good. But just part of the deal. . .You are such a great person I'm happy to think of you having lots of facets.