Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blackberry Blossom

It's amazing to me how this little native blackberry vine is so delicate. And yet so NOT! In clearing a little garden area last fall, I dug and pulled and dug some more - clear down to and including the roots, thinking I had all of these vines finally conquered. Ha! Who has the last laugh now? They are coming up everywhere! I think there are more now than when I started. Sigh. Maybe I can incorporate them into the garden ... a tiny little trellis perhaps? Hmmmmmmmm the possibilities!


  1. Looks like they are there to stay! It's a lovely blossom.

  2. Oh, hahahaa...I'm having the same problem with the brambles. If only the thornless blackberries would do the same thing--however, they are so tame they stay right where I planted 'em.

    (grin) A little trellis sounds great! And there are no sweeter berries than the wild variety. My mouth is watering as I think about them.

    And what a lovely picture, Sissy!

  3. You dig them up and more come back, sounds to me like they are related to my weeds but unfortunaly there are no berries on my weeds. Blackberries sound delicious and your picture is lovely there are even a couple of hearts in it. Good job!