Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Time At the River

A little place to call home ...

Stairway from nowhere ... to nowhere ...

The Willamette River in sunlight

What a gorgeous day to be "stuck" waiting for 2 hours here near the Willamette River. Lots of fun ... beauty to explore. Maybe next time I will remember the bread I set aside to feed the ducks and geese ...


  1. Nice pictures! I was just admiring a phone booth over at Telluride Daily Photo and commenting that all of the phone booths here are gone!

  2. I totally enjoyed the photos and especially your cunning titles. A little place to call home especially. And I was really intrigued by those stairs...I wonder how they came to be.

    How odd to think your Willamette River is the same one which flows past our town, miles upstream.

    Beautiful pictures, Sissy!

  3. Sunlight! In Oregon! I was there for a week and didn't see any! ; )
    I love that telephone booth photo. Those structures are so obsolete.

  4. That stairway looks like a government project to me. Yep, probably cost several hundred million dollars to build that thing, erected to help endangered turtles get up the hill or some such thing.
    P.S. Glad your in on the sunshine too.