Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side!

Okay so this isn't wild, I just liked the random placing of the lights and the way the bench seems to float over the walking trail.

I startled a mama duck and her 4 little ducklings out of the grass and into the water.

Before noticing the gunmetal gray sky that promised (and delivered!) a wild, wet and windy run back to the car!
And I haven't seen the sun since ...


  1. You might not have any sun today but you are providing plenty for the rest of us, by sharing your unique view of life. Your photos are wonderful as usual. I especially like the lights, great perspective, and the sky looks like a small peek into heaven.
    But most of all I love your quote about opening a space in your mind.....Great Stuff!

  2. I agree, Deann. Sissy, you have such a wonderful, unique, humorous way of Looking at our world.

    Thank you for taking us on your walk. ((hugs)) I especially enjoyed the wild, wet and wooly dash to the car! (grin)

  3. Of course, you've noticed the heart in the clouds?????

  4. I didn't see the heart at first! I like the looks of that walking trail too.

  5. Is it stretching one's imagination too much to see a gray cloudy seal balancing a ball on his nose? Nice photos! I feel as though I've been on a wonderful walk today after all. Mmmm!