Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daisy Lawn

I get bored with the new housing developments around here where all of the houses are the same, as are all of the front yards. Immaculate grass, cut just-so, exactly like the neighbors. I can almost imagine the "lawn police" with measuring sticks and tiny little scissors, patrolling each street!

I happened upon this beautiful lawn while walking through one of these neighborhoods. Bravo to the wonderful homeowner who has allowed this beauty to show through! What bravery! I love daisies!!!


  1. Here is to the wonderful people who dance to the beat of their own drummer. In a prepackaged, franchised, strip mall world it is breath of fresh air to find someone who is still capable of hatching an original thought.
    You my sisters are two of those brave souls who are not afraid to boggie to your own beat, and I love you for it.

  2. What a nice idea! I love daisies too!

  3. My lawn is filled with daisies, too--why anyone would want a lawn free of those lovely little flowers, is beyond me.

    When I mow, I put the lawnmower at the 2 inch mark, so when I'm done cutting the grass--well, the daisies are still smiling!!!


    Let's beat that drum together, sisters!!! BoogieDown! ((hugs))