Monday, April 27, 2009


We are used to squirrels around here. They follow us as we walk, screaming at us. I'm sure if we spoke squirrelese we would turn bright red at the language used.

This cute little fellow, however, never moved or made a sound as we walked by, and even let me take his picture. I wonder what he was afraid of.


  1. Howdy Sissy! What a darling pic! I wonder if he thought he sat quiet enough, that you wouldn't see him? Perhaps you had one of those ornery kitties slinking along behind you? (grin)

    This photo totally fills my eyes.

  2. He's so cute! Squirrels are fun to watch as long as they are not raiding my bird feeder!

    This poor baby is probably hanging on tight with his eyes closed and knees knocking wondering how he's going to get down, too scared to chatter. So what you have here is the one and only picture, of the one and only squirrel afflicted with acrophobia. Well done!!
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  4. He looks like a youngster to me, although they can be pretty rowdy. He might be hybrid squirrel/fairy. That's a possibility. . .

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