Friday, April 24, 2009

Shattered Magic

The cherry blossoms quivered in the light breeze, and I stopped to watch. Something was about to happen, I could feel it. The breeze picked up -- tipping the blossoms onto their feet, skirts flaring. I knew they were about to dance! They began to twirl. Magic!

A sudden commotion -- the cat that had been stalking JUMPED -- landing on my magical dancing cherry blossoms. He began tearing them to pieces. Soon they were just a few blossoms, some tattered and torn, lying on the ground. Shattered.


  1. Such a great image, the blossoms falling and then the cat turns from stalking to blossom-ripping.
    Not that I think blossoms should be ripped. But it's a cool image anyway!

  2. What an incredibly fun adventure! Ah, I wish I could have been there. Faery magic, I'm sure. So funny about the kitty. Kittykins must have felt the magic, too. Only cat's don't dance, they play. (grin)

    This photo fills my eyes, and the story fills my imagination.