Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look What I Found at Goodwill!!!

Last month I took my kids to the Goodwill Surplus store (89 cents per pound - you dig through bins) to get some clothes. I always head for the paper stuff/books. I found this nifty little book, thought it would look really sweet with my tiny (fake) book collection. Then I forgot about it. Nearly a month later, I found the bag and went through it, finding all the cool hand written recipes and stuff ... and my little book.

There were the cutest little illustrations ...

Then I looked at the publication date ... this thing is for real!

I feel good about rescuing this little book from certain destruction. The surplus store is the last stop for items that don't sell at Goodwill's regular stores, and from there they get smashed (glass), shredded (paper) or sent to developing nations (clothes) by the ton. I probably paid a penny for this gem!


  1. What luck! I have a whole set of tiny books like that. They are the complete works of Shakespeare. They belonged to my great grandfather and I love looking at them, but they are so old I'm afraid to handle them too much!

  2. What a prize! And I'm very happy you saved it!

  3. Ooooh, Sissy. I am in awe. I am SO glad you were able to spare such a treasure from being destroyed. How perfectly incredible. The photos you've taken, showing how utterly tiny this book is, with it's exquisite illustrations, just fills my eyes.

    My amazing Sissy's incredible gift of finding things, strikes again! Wooohoo!!!!

  4. Oh that is just wonderful what a great find. I love Goodwill except here it's called the D.I. or the Thrift Store I like to look for books and old crockery. I keep all my art stuff in old crocks. I just love old stuff in general. It's like going on a treasure hunt to shop there, exciting!

  5. A great little find, indeed; a copy of that goes for hundred dollars on the secondhand book market, even in worn condition. (and miniatures are *so* adorable.)