Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Trillium

When Metro bought the property down the street, they clearcut the trees and underbrush. Their heavy equipment scraped the earth and destroyed the delicate environment ... compacting it under their tires. I despaired of ever seeing beauty there again.

Then I found the trillium. In the midst of the shreds of once-beauty-now-destroyed, this delicate lily has beaten the odds, found it's way home ... as will others I am sure.

If God can protect a trillium from man and his machines, then think of what He can do for us. Beauty from ashes. Hope. Easter's message of God's sacrifice and our renewal.


  1. A lovely message! There is always hope!

  2. Oh, Sissy. I read what you wrote and my eyes filled with tears. This really touches me. Beauty from ashes. Hope and renewal. It is my prayer for you, for me, for our family.

    Beth :o}

  3. That plant is so delicate and fragile. Totally amazing that it survived all the awful chaos. I think something always does. . .thanks for the beautiful picture