Monday, April 6, 2009

Old Growth "Snag"

We walked down to the beaver dam yesterday. Some of the fallen timber gave us an amazing vision of what the canyon must have looked like before the old growth timber was cut down in the 30's. Mom pointed out a huge snag that she remembered from her childhood - the large dead tree stump is easily 8 feet around!

Near the top of this snag, I saw the outline of a man. Upon further review, it looks to be a man in a robe, a long-tailed monkey on his shoulders ... struggling to reach the top; perhaps to get a better view of the canyon?


  1. Oh, heehee...Sissy! You have such a great imagination! I see him!!! And that pesky monkey. (grin)

    Do you remember those giant pieces of trees lying on their sides in the canyon over by the tile? They were so big, we had to struggle to crawl on top of them. They were Massive!

    Next time I visit, I'd love to see that beaver dam. How amazing to know the forested hills we tramp, were once divested of trees, bare to eye. What a mighty forest it must have been!

  2. Oh my goodness I can see him and the monkey! You do have a good imagination! Nice shot.