Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mika Uppa Tree - Yet Again!

Here is Mika again ... up in the apple tree. She absolutely adores climbing; I'm not sure how she stays up in the tiny little branches, but she does just fine.


  1. She looks so proud of herself up there!

  2. Are they both your cats? They're hilarious, both of them, their expressions! especially the grey one. And yes, how on earth do they stay afloat in that nest of twigs? They look they really should have a children's book written about them.

  3. What a beautiful photo--the colors, the contrast of harsh limbs against soft fur. Wow. I'm wondering the same thing as on earth do they stay afloat in that next of twigs!

    And I think she's right about that children's book!

    This picture truly fills my eyes. Hope you don't ever get tired of tickling my eyes--your work just has that effect. Wonderful, wonderful.

  4. What a hoot! They're both adorable.