Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Railroad Trestle

Trestle from a distance

Looking up

Quiet Waters beneath

I explored an old (unused) railroad trestle today. It was a truly remarkable sight. There was a calm beauty here.


  1. I like all the different angles you present. It would be fun to walk across it...I think...maybe....you go first!

  2. It's a beautiful scene! There is a trestle near my house that is still being used. I love the sound of the train blowing it's whistle when it approaches, especially at night.

  3. Oh, Sissy! I love these photos. They are truly remarkable. What beauty, what serenity, what intricate rythm--a song for the eyes.

  4. Nice photos as always...but do be careful! (I bet your sister tells you taht a lot.;)