Sunday, March 8, 2009

Butterfly Flutter By

Thank you Cheryl for honoring me with this Butterfly Award. I am overwhelmed! I am at a loss for words, and that in itself is quite unusual ... just ask my family! So I will just say thank you and bless you.

I would like to, in turn, present this beautiful award to the following blogs: to Deann (AKA Grannie Annie) for her wonderful sense of humor and amazing view of the world. to Beth (sissie!) because we all need to keep our eyes open for those unexpected spots of beauty in our lives. to Rachel for her passion to teach art to the children of the world. And because of the beautiful artwork she creates.
to Sharon for her sometimes funny sometimes poignant view of the world. And because of the mechanical chicken story which I adore.


  1. Clytie,
    Thank you so much. Coming from you this mean a lot to me, you are one very special insiteful lady.
    Many hearts - Deann

  2. Oh, Sissy! I am so honored. This award, coming from you is SO special. You have NO idea how much this means to me. ((hugs))

    See you in about an hour, or so!

  3. Awe, THANKS!! Makes my DAY!! Love ya!!