Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Church Rules

Yet again I went rambling at the abandoned megachurch ... and found this list of security and lockup rules.

As I read through it, I noticed a sentence that gave my imagination a word picture so strong I sat down. Or maybe I was laughing too hard to stand up! Anyway, it's the part that talks about "if you observe an unfamiliar face that is wandering around". What does your imagination do? Well, mine immediately started picturing bodiless faces floating around being accosted by church members in their finery ... oooooh how precious is that?


  1. Considering that there are often floating orbs of light having been seen there...well, one wonders. (guffaw)

  2. Yes. The wandering faces made me laugh....and think of your blog & elusive gauntlet-thingy. :)