Sunday, March 1, 2009

Okay This Scares Me

A walk through the abandoned church revealed this very scary message.

This one, however, doesn't scare me at all!
In fact, it's kind of funny.


  1. EGAD. Funny if they're trying to scare people. Scary if they're serious about being funny. (did that make sense?)

    Goodness--someone should tear that monstrosity down. I'm glad you're documenting these things.

    Very thoughtful photo.

  2. Did you notice the letters above each handprint? I wonder what that's all about.

    Idiot taggers--I wonder if they realize their fingerprints are all over that wall. Tch tch tch...

  3. Clytie,
    I love this site too it is very unique, and this post is sooo funny. You are a woman of original thought, something that is hard to find. Good wishes for you - Deann

  4. Beth beat me to it..... "Egad!"