Sunday, March 29, 2009


This poor little guy somehow wandered away from the safety of the pond or creek where he usually lives and ended up near the front door step. When I picked him up to move him away from the obvious danger of being in that particular spot (Squish!), he was so cold he didn't even blink an eye. I cradled him in my warm hands until he started fussing. When I put him down, he wasted no time in running off to a more hospitable environment.


  1. He is so graceful! It has been years since I've seen a newt. How beautiful he is! (grin) Remember how we used to catch them down in Deer Valley, or Leprechaun Meadow?

  2. Aye, you have to watch for them thingies hovering on your doorstep don'tcha. At my house it's snakes and duck eggs.
    Anyway, I'm so excited, I have come to pick up your afore mentioned award. Is it the coveted SHROOM AWARD I'm taking???
    And while I am here can I also take (with your FREELY given permission and full name credit) your beautiful pictures of the burning heart and the old leaf hearts??? (no pressure)
    Have a wonderful last day of March and may you find all the hearts out there just waiting for you. Blessings ~ Deann

  3. She named it 'tiny' cause it's 'my newt'. :)