Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scar of Good and Evil

This is a tree scar we found while walking along a curvy country road ... the scene of many car accidents over the years. As we looked closer, we saw many images in this scar.

One of them was ...

An evil troll!!! with his hooked nose and beady eye, looking off to the left.

He is directly opposite of ...

The maiden! We call her Mary. She faces to the right and seems to be praying or meditating.

It is very interesting and unique that both of these faces are exactly opposite each other on this huge tree scar .... Good and evil at at opposition with each other, yet inextricably bound together by the scars of life.


  1. Sissy! I see 'em both! Can I play with them? Huh, huh, can I, can I, Puhleeeeeze?

    GORGEOUS! Wow! They both fill my eyes to capacity.

  2. PS There's a goat face in with that troll... Heehee...

  3. Wow--I got so excited about the pictures I didn't read the last half of your blog.

    Yes...that is profound. Good on one side, evil on the other. How extraordinary!

  4. Love it, love it, love it! You my gifted sister are drawn to the most extraordinary things.

  5. Just looking at the pictures, before I saw the words, thought I was looking at paintings. You really have a great eye.