Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walking with My Sister

Walking in the snow with my sister Beth, trying to capture a mood.
I was fascinated by the study of green on red, with the light snowfall in the background.

Okay, so wouldn't you kill to have hair like this? Rasssspberry to you, sissie!
(Clytie turns green with envy)

This is a shot of the old 'lodge' part of the abandoned church. I was standing in the middle of a once beautiful rose garden circle. Nothing is left but rubble and weeds ... except for this gorgeous red bush ... which I thought brightened up the otherwise gloomy picture.


  1. I absolutely love the first pic--I remember when to took that photo! Even in the small eye of the camera it was extraordinary.

    Hahaha-as for the hair--notice all that silver gleaming amidst the blonde? You are so sweet--sissy. I've always envied your beautious green eyes. Want to trade?

    That red bush in the snow is just beautiful--quite a stark contrast to the ruins just beyond.

  2. That's just about the best hair pic I've ever seen!