Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainbow at Dusk

I was finally on my way home from a long stormy day going back and forth, here and there ... longing to just be home and sit for a while. Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun blazed forth, sharing it's beauty with the clouds to form this token of promise -- the rainbow. It was, in fact, a double rainbow, and you can just barely make out the second one off to the right.

I had to get a picture, and nearly came to a dead stop in the middle of the street. I pulled over into a car dealership and, leaving a car full of open-mouthed and stunned family (I'm not usually an impulsive driver) -- I jumped out and started snapping pictures of this beauty. I didn't have time to try to find the perfect spot (without power lines, lamp posts, etc.); the rainbow was perfect and that's all that mattered.


  1. Rainbows are the best! I'll take them any day, any way.

  2. You're right--it is perfect! I can see the other one when I enlarge the picture.

  3. What better shot for St. Paddy's Day then a rainbow. And did ya think to be snapping the pot o' gold at the end of it??? Aye I thought not, daft girl, head in the clouds just like her sister. LOL Wishin you the joy of the day and all the blessings that go with it. ~ Deann

  4. Hahahaa...oh, my goodness! You sound JUST LIKE ME!! I can be found leaping from my car in the oddest places. How hilarious! LOL

    But I understand implicitely--and your capture of this rainbow is extraordinary. It is truly stupendously beautiful. The enlarged photo fills my eyes, Sissy. ((hugs))