Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look up!

There are times when I forget to look up. This is changing, thanks in part to my sister Beth's Cloud Paintings. There is something so peaceful and childlike in kicking back and watching the cloud formations come and go -- especially on a day like today, which the weatherman said this morning would be "unsettled". To me that's a rather bland word for "spectacular".

I didn't see any faces or shapes in these clouds. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough? Or maybe I was too overwhelmed by the charcoal and white distracting patterns before me ... that and the fact that I was running for cover to keep my camera from getting wet in the downpour!


  1. There is a face! Back of head is toward lower left and eyes are gazing to upper right. Nice sized nose rests above the center set of trees with little smiling lips ready to lick the tree tops. The eyes are the large cartoony type and perhaps the head is bald or covered with stocking cap.

  2. Oh! You are so right! I totally see him now! Thank you for your eyes! And I absolutely adore your description "lick the tree tops".

  3. Cheryl! You're right! How cool! (grin) This is a BEAUTIFUL photo! And I love your description of the day.