Wednesday, March 25, 2009

De Story of De Pants Part 1

Okay, so my daughter hands me this page from a fashion mag - 'these are the pants I'd like to have mom'. I look and nearly choke at the price tag - from $125 to $300! 'Well I could make something like that for way cheaper than that!" I should have bit my tongue. Fast forward a few days ... 1 trip to Michaels to get super duper "washable" iron-on adhesive; 3 pairs of old jeans cut into little pieces; 1 pair of new scissors which can actually cut through denim. Fast forward a few more days ... all pieces cut, and backed with super duper "washable" iron-on adhesive, ironed onto pants. Looks great! Just as good as the one in the magazine! Fast forward 1 wash cycle later ........ jeans inside out as instructed. Picture 200 little scraps of frayed fabric barely holding onto the jeans, some fallen off, some lost forever in the plumbing ... arrrrrrrrgh ... Must now re-attach and hand sew every. little. patch. back. on.


  1. A valiant effort from the sound of it. Hey, put them up on Ebay! "one-of-a-kind by Clytie!"
    Srsly, this will probably be a precious look-back-and-laugh event for both of you sometime (waaay) in the future. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh--I don't know what to say!

  3. Ooooooh, wow! I love your description--I was there as you wrote. (grin) I imagine, years from now, those old jeans will still be around. Perhaps her daughter will wear them to school on a costume day, as my daughter wore my seventies pants, all embroidered and signed. Hahaaa...

    How inventive you are!