Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phoenix He Ain't!

This picture came as a result of a challenge with my sister Beth. We agreed to find something today (or in her case -- truly awesome artist that she is -- draw something!) and post it to our blog.

Off I went in search of inspiration in my usual haunt -- the abandoned megachurch across the street. But the muse had abandoned me. Nothing caught my eye.

Then the banging and crashing began, and I soon found the culprits. Four young males were busy bashing in a door. I escorted them off the property, then chased off three teenage males just making their way toward the building.

So by now thoroughly disgusted, I decided to give up and head back home.

Then I saw it ... the Fire Bird -- created when Matt cut down the old metal gate with a cutting torch. Forgetting the exasperation of young men these days, I snapped shot after shot. Funny thing, though ... I would have missed this bird if I had walked in the direction I had originally intended!

Though made by fire, Phoenix he ain't! But he is soooooo darn cute, so comical ... so random. So perfect!

Okay Beth, my gauntlet is thrown!!! Better duck!


  1. Ahaha! I think you won! This is an exquisite photo!!!

    And what an adventure to go along with it! My goodness, you are one brave "wench!"

    (grin) Better check out my blog--and duck!!!!


  2. Ahem, thou hast made such a pretty speech, I must revisit this blog.

    (ahem) I lay mine laurels at thine feet, oh royally talented Sis! (grin) Thine eyes have caught the equisite lines of the phoenix, and I am content to concede the crown of utter wenchedness upon thee, also. Now we are both crowned! What thinkest thou of that?!

  3. I declare a TIE! We must both revel in ultimate wenchdomness!

  4. From your description of the day's policing activities, I certainly hope you are an *armed* wench, or perhaps you're a female martial artist? Outnumbered by teenage boys in an abandoned property?? You be careful, woman!