Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Face in the Clouds

The challenge is answered! I searched far and wide, high and low. I almost didn't see him ... do you?


  1. I see so many faces in this one, I think you won hands down!!!

    What an amazing, beautiful, gorgeous cloud!

    Goodness gracious!

  2. Ah, Sissy--indeed, I have to say right now, that it is I who bows to you, the supreme face finder! Not just this cloud--the Manly Man tree is another amazing example.

    By the way, I have been studying this cloud again, and it is extraordinary!

  3. This is indeed an extraordinary cloud, and thou art extraordinay sisters. I thank thee HEARTLY for thy sisterly kindness. You & Beth have made me weep at your generosity and acceptence. It is a joy to look at the world through thy lens. Blessings on you both - Deann