Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RIP Douglas Fir

I walked down the road to where our local nature conservationists (AKA "Metro") are busily clear cutting the property they recently purchased. It seems they want the area to be an "oak savannah", so they cut down all of the fir trees, underbrush and everything else in their path. They are now in the process of chipping said trees into sawdust. I found this sawn-off stump of a once beautiful fir (probably 40 or so years old) cut to the ground.

Then I noticed the cross. I am not the only one to mourn ... mother nature is crying right along with me.


  1. Dear Clytie & Beth,
    I have snatched your gauntlet and run with it. I've enjoyed myself and found a new friend in the process. The beloved mountain known as Lone Peak, that I have looked at everyday for three years, has now been christened Big Heart Mountain. And it gives me joy to look up and see a heart that I probably would never have noticed if not for this challenge.
    You are ever so kind to let me be part of this I appreciate your friendship and your beautiful insites.
    Therefore I have met your challenge as you may sally forth to and see. And I look forward to seeing how it was met by you and others. Many blessings - Deann

  2. I noticed the cross (crosses) first and was surprised when I enlarged your photo. Was not expecting them to be so ..... random. (I'm still looking for a gauntlet to snatch. O well)

  3. Wow...that is amazing. I agree--nature is weeping along with us.

    Wow...made me cry, too. I love trees. I do. Those healthy,growing firs should have been left alone.

  4. I just looked at the enlarged photo--and that is poignant. Wow. Powerful.